Glossier Generation G Matte Lipsticks

I feel like 99% of the time Glossier is reading my mind and coming out with products that I’ve been yearning for or that the beauty industry is missing. During the week, I’m a VERY simple gal. I’m talking 5 minute makeup routine or less depending on if my little guy is demanding my time. I don’t have time to blend, blend, blend. I don’t have time to set my concealer. I don’t have time to contour. I need to enhance what I have going on and look an enhanced version of myself.

I love my liquid lipsticks, don’t get me wrong…but sometimes I just want a light wash of color – you know, that “I just ate a popsicle in the summer” stain. Thank you Glossier, for making this possible with these amazing Generation G matte lipsticks. I truly feel that I need one in every color – currently there are 6 different shades. These retail for $18 each.

Here are my babies: jam (bottom left) crush (top right). Jam is a deep berry magenta and crush is a hot raspberry pink. You can apply one layer and have an extremely sheer barely-there look or you can apply multiple layers for a medium coverage.

Picking out products is always difficult because I’m tan and never know how things will look on me. Luckily, Glossier acknowledges the wide range of skin tones out there and shows the lipsticks on multiple models. I knew I’d love jam because deep berry tones are always my go-to, but crush had me nervous. It’s interesting because crush is actually my favorite of the two! It’s the perfect daily flush of pink.

Here they are on my skin with two passes each – very build-able. Crush is on the left and jam is on the right. If you haven’t snagged these up yet then you’re seriously missing out. These are definitely new favorites of mine! 

Have you tried these from Glossier or any of their other products? What lipsticks are you loving right now?

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