DIY: Cabinet Makeover

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing fantastic and enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are. I didn’t post on the blog all weekend and I feel like I missed so much. Posting on here has become a regular weekly thing and I do thoroughly enjoy it and I do enjoy talking with each and everyone of you! 

Part of the reason that I missed my post this weekend was because the hubby and I were busy refinishing a cabinet that I’ve had for years. I’ve been wanting to change it up an revamp it for quite some time and I’m so glad that I decided to wait until we bought a house so that we could truly select a color that fit our scheme.

I’m the world’s most indecisive person so choosing a color was pretty hard since I am a lover of neutrals. When we moved into our house, all of the walls were white except one jet black wall in the livingroom with sliding barn doors. What was the previous owner thinking!? Now I love my black, don’t get me wrong, but black for a livingroom wall – no thanks. We immediately primed and painted over the black and painted settled on a beautiful medium grey. Since our livingroom is mostly grey, white, black, and blues, we figured let’s give this dingy old cabinet a beautiful pop of color!

Here are the colors we were able to narrow it down to. We decided on the last one all the way to the right, but as I primed and painted the entire cabinet that color I decided to exchange it for the color that is the second in on the right. The color we started with just screamed “baby boy nursery” a little too much and it threw off my vibe. My mom even asked me when I was due! Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled with the color change and I think it fits our livingroom perfectly! Once it was completed we still felt that it needed a little something extra, because it just felt flat and factory made. We decided to distress the cabinet to give it more dimension and to give it a vintage look. I am so happy that we decided to go that route! Once that was complete we kept the original brackets and top drawer handles, but we decided to purchase new knobs for the bottom three cabinet doors. My husband really gravitated towards some lion head ones and they matched the original hardware very nicely! So we decided to go with it.
Here is our finished product! This has added just enough of a pop of color to our livingroom to keep my husband happy – rather than painting a whole wall blue, ewww. Needless to say, I’m in love with this cabinet! I think I may have caught the DIY bug, because I just can’t wait to get my hands on more things to change up!

Thanks for reading!

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