Somethin’ About Beauty Bee

Hello all – I’m a sassy scorpio from the midwest. Brittney’s the name but they call me Bee. I’m married to my best friend and man of my dreams. We welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world on March 9, 2016. I’m an Iowa fan – GO HAWKS! Lover of all things beauty, skincare, or haircare related. I’m obsessed and forever in love with the amazing Julia Roberts. I love dark chocolate, a great glass of red blend, and sushi. You can find me more on Instagram so to keep up with my life feel free to follow me on there. Anything else you’d like to know simply leave a comment! XO



7 thoughts on “Somethin’ About Beauty Bee

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  2. Hi!! I just discovered your blog through Stash Matters. She’s got you tagged! 😀

    I wanted to drop in, say hi, and look around. I’m subscribed so I’ll see new posts. Loving discovering all these great new blogs through the tag posts!!

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