Skin Emergency 101

Happy weekend everyone! I am so happy that it’s May, because April was NOT good to me. Last month I decided to try out a few new skincare items from a line called Nip + Fab. I’ve never tried anything from their line and I was pretty excited to get my hands on them. I purchased the Glycolic Fix Cleanser and the Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads. Both items were rated over 4 stars on Ulta’s website.

I definitely understand that certain products work better for certain people and I’m not quite sure why these didn’t work for me. I was extremely disappointed and will be returning them to Ulta. The purpose of this post is not to bash the brand, because I honestly do not know too much about them, but I just wanted to share my experience.

I debated posting this photo (it’s fully unedited), seeing as it’s extremely embarrassing, but I really wanted you all to understand fully the reaction that these products gave me. The type of “acne” that I get is all hormonal. I ONLY breakout on my chin and jaw line during that certain time of the month. I don’t ever break out on my forehead, ever. These products broke me out like braille there as well as on my nose…and let’s be honest, everywhere on my entire face!

These products saved my skin from that terrible breakout! I decided to cut those Nip + Fab products fully out of my regimine and went back to my holy grail Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. I incorporated these babies in to help as an emergency!

1. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub I used this in the shower to really clean deep down in my pores and get out any gunk. Acure Organics is an amazing brand that uses 100% all natural products with 100% biodegradable packaging! Yeah, go green!

2. Murad’s Acne Spot Treatment I incorporated this after my moisturizer at night before bed. The sulfur + salicylic acid in this really helped combat the nasty breakout while I slept.

3. Mario Badescu Drying Mask this mask I used a few times during the process and immediately I noticed results, because the size of the breakout would be reduced within just a few hours of use. This mask has calamine and sulfur in it, I think my skin loves sulfur during a breakout.

Now it’s May and my skin is 75% back on track! Have you tried any of the products listed above, if so, what were your experiences? Are there any products that make you breakout like those did to me?

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Skin Emergency 101

  1. Oh dear! So sorry the Nip+Tab stuff broke you out! Wonder if you could be intolerant to glycolic acid?
    “These products broke me out like braille” – LOL. Sorry, I had to laugh, that is a beautiful imagery.
    I’m very curious about Mario Badescu products – they’re difficult to come by here in Canada. They seem like good products to keep around just for these types of skin emergencies!
    Products that have broken me out was the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing oil – people raved about it and I should have known better – it contains Eucalyptus which irritated the heck outta my skin. Also the Paula’s Choice Vitamin C serum, at first, caused me bumps on my skin but that was mainly user error because I thought more was better so instead of the recommended 1-2 drops twice a week, I thought I’d go full tilt and do 3-4 drops every single night – DOH!
    Glad that your skin is healing well. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated with something neutral like hyaluronic acid while you’re using these drying treatments or else you’ll end up with a new problem: dry flaky skin!

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    • Lol I thought Braille would be sufficient imagery for people to understand what my face looked like in person. This was texture that you couldn’t really cover up with makeup, it was pretty embarrassing. – Mario Badescu has a fabulous line that’s in all Ulta’s in the U.S. so that’s where I purchased mine. I also have the healing mask just incase the drying mask is too much. The mask smells TERRIBLE but it seriously gets the job done – Martha Stewart swears by MB. A few of their products I don’t think would actually be GOOD for the skin so I’m not sure why they’re even used. For example, a lot of their toners contain alcohol which is something I really avoid and most people should too. – It’s terrible when our skin doesn’t react well to products, especially hyped up ones! I’ve never tried the Boscia Cleansing Oil but my skin is like yours, it’s pretty sensitive so that eucalyptus would probably mean a nasty breakout! Lol that’s surprising PC has the ability to break you out, she knows her stuff so well! Hopefully reducing the dosage helped combat that?!


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