Philosophy Total Matteness

Hello beauties! Today I’ll be bringing you a review about a skincare product I’ve had for a while now that is nearly finished. I feel that since I’ve gone through the entire bottle I’m more than comfortable expressing my thoughts. As I’ve mentioned before, I have the worlds worst oily skin. Sometimes it can be a curse, but I know later in life it will be a blessing! I went to Von Maur desperate for a product that could “cure” my issue. I was sick of putting on makeup and an hour later I would be blotting my face because the oils were out of control. The woman at the Philosophy counter expressed how much she loved this product! She had me sold, at $41 a bottle. I was hoping this would be the cure for my issue.


Here is a better look at the packaging. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle and a dropper that sucks up and disperses the product where desired. The bottle states: Now you see them, now you don’t. Watch pores pull a disappearing act. The directions simply state to apply as needed to clean dry skin. The woman at the Philosohy counter stated this product would substitute a primer and combat oils on its own to create a beautiful makeup base. I honestly disagree with her claims and I will explain why in just a moment.


Here is a better look at the actual product that you’re paying $41 for. It has a slightly thick milky consistency and has a faint smell that I can’t put my finger on. The smell isn’t unpleasant and I believe it’s safe for sensitive skin. 

Does this product blur imperfections? Yes. However, I believe that it really only blurred out fine lines. The product settled into my pores and didn’t fill them in like I thought it would. 

Does this product combat oiliness? Kind of. This product when applied to bare skin mattifies skin instantly. It will not last though, the longevity of this product is maybe an hour. I was told that this product could be applied on top of makeup. Do not do this, unless you want your makeup to get cakey! That will happen, I promise. I also didn’t think this product worked well in place of a primer. It just didn’t do the job for my oily skin and I still needed to apply a primer on top of this to stay matte for as long as I could before applying my makeup. 

The fact that I still needed a primer and didn’t notice any increased longevity in the wear of my makeup or the amount of time before needing to blot I will absolutely not be repurchasing this product and I do not recommend it. I really wanted to love this product Philosophy, but this was a dud. Thumbs up for the packaging though! 

Have you tried the Philosophy Total Matteness, if so, what were your thoughts? What are your oily skin holy grail products, I would love some recommendations! Thanks for reading.



7 thoughts on “Philosophy Total Matteness

  1. Yes when you’re older, you’ll be THANKFUL of your supple, well hydrated oily skin. 🙂
    I haven’t tried this – too bad it didn’t work for you. It seems expensive for what it is.
    Have you tried the Illamasqua Matte Veil? It’s pretty good and acts as a primer and reduces the oilies.

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    • Thank you for the recommendation! I’ve never tried that and I’ll do some research on it 🙂 – you’re spot on, I probably would have returned this if the product didn’t empty so quickly before I realized that it really wasn’t doing anything. Quite a few of the reviews I’ve seen are pretty positive, but my guess is they must have normal to combo skin. BOO! I’ve found primers to be less vital as the actual cleansing and moisturizing of the skin so that has been my main focus for some time now. But thanks again for the comment and read! XO

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  2. This is definitely not a product I’d recommend for oily skin, I think this would work much better for someone with slight combination skin.. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. But just like everyone else is saying, hourglass veil is great!! Also, benifit’s hangover is great (I’ve heard, my skin is not at all oily so I can only go off recommendations) and not to overload you with products but jose marian makes a light beauty oil that would be great to moisturize at night.

    xox Lo

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