Perfect Spring Gloss: L’oreal!

Hello beauties! With it being officially spring and finally warming up in the Midwest, I’m excited to switch up my makeup products to reflect the change in weather. Now don’t get me wrong, my favorite look is a soultry vampy dark lip – but let’s be honest, it’s time for a color pop on the lips! I really do love drugstore products, and I came across the L’oreal Colour Riche glosses and thought now would be the perfect time to try them out. Whenever I want a simple wash of beautiful color I usually reach for my NYX Buttergloss but I have plenty of those. 


I have found the perfect coral peache gloss for spring: coral encore. I was really impressed by the color payoff and the fact that I was able to build it up as well. The formula was very smooth and not sticky at all. This gloss was $8 at my local drugstore which is almost double the price of my NYX Buttergloss – womp womp. Overall, I really loved the L’oreal Colour Riche and I will definitely repurchase if there is a must have color. It is more pigmented than my NYX and the packaging is beautiful, who doesn’t love gold. These didn’t have much of a smell which is always nice, however, I do love the yummy cupcake/cookie scents of the NYX glosses. To sum everything up, if there were two of the same colors available in L’oreal or NYX I would choose NYX, because of price point and smell. Either way both of them are extremely affordable and last a long time!


I love the beautiful coral wash of color this gave my lips. I did not put any type of lip liner or lipstick down beforehand so that you all could see the true color on my naturally tinted lips. This will be my go-to color this spring!


Have you tried any of the L’oreal Colour Riche glosses – if so, what are your favorite colors? What are your go-to spring lip combos? 



7 thoughts on “Perfect Spring Gloss: L’oreal!

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