Milani Moisture Matte

Hello beauties! I wanted to blog about an obsession that I currently have for Milani Moisture Matte lipsticks. These lipsticks are unbelievable. I’m not usually one to splurge for a high-end lippie, I just think the drugstore is an amazing place to find products and I usually can’t tell a difference! I came across these amazing babies at my CVS (but one get one half off) and I am in love. The formula is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. Usually matte lipsticks feel so dry and chalky it’s like your lips are frozen and it feels unnatural to move them around. No one has time for that! These moisture matte lipsticks give a matte look without the all the uncomfortability! They are so beautiful when swatched and even more gorgeous on the lips.

Here are the two colors I picked up: on the left is 61 Matte Naked and the right is 67 Matte Confident. They are so pigmented and last a long time. These only retail for about $5 each and in my opinion are better than MAC matte lipsticks! That’s right.

It is so hard to find a good nude lipstick when you’re tan, because our lips are already tinted. This Matte Naked is literally a “my lips but better” nude for me, I am so lucky I found this shade!

Have you tried the Milani Moisture Matte lipsticks? What are your favorite lipstick brands/shades?


15 thoughts on “Milani Moisture Matte

  1. I love Milani Matte lipsticks and I can’t seem to get enough. My favorite has to be Matte Glam it is such a gorgeous purple color. I really hope they expand the line though, that would be so amazing ♥ Awesome review~

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    • Thank you so much Christina! I really appreciate it 🙂 I will have to post my response tonight! – The matte naked lippies are amazing, you should get your hands on them ASAP 🙂 XO

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