Ah, you guys! I have been wanting to write about this for quite some time. Everyone has heard about the Lorac PRO palette and the second one, but I personally couldn’t stray away from my orginal NAKED palette. I debated for quite some time, to get it or not to get it and finally one day I threw my hands in the air and said “screw it!” and purchased it from Ulta, which retails for $42. BEST. DECISION. EVER! This palette has seriously replaced all my others and is now my “go to” for creating any makeup looks. It’s freakin’ gorgeous and buttery rich! I may have gone to palette heaven πŸ™‚


Just LOOK at this pigmentation! It beats all of my other palettes hands down. (champagne & gold)


Featured shades: white, light pink, champagne, garnet & deep purple.


I would love to hear your favorite “go to” eyeshadow palettes below! I highly recommend this palette if you’re looking to try something new that has a beautiful range or matte and shimmer shades that are guaranteed to compliment every skin tone. Stay beautiful, people!



4 thoughts on “LORAC PRO IS DEVINE

    • IS IT NOT!? It is really the love of my life. The Unzipped looks absolutely gorg too πŸ™‚ basically anything Lorac has is flawless and I want them all lol. XO

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  1. Man, lorac looks amazing and I don’t have any product by them! What?! My current go to right now is the naked 3. Perfect for every day looks to smokey night ones and the rose tones compliments my blue eyes perfectly πŸ™‚

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    • I debated between the Naked 3 and the Lorac Pro and I wanted the Lorac because of the matte shades and it seemed more versatile. I do LOVE the Naked 3 though! πŸ™‚ I only own the original Naked and I know how great and pigmented the shades are!!


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