Hello Everyone!

Let’s try this again as my first blog wouldn’t show publicly to you guys! With the start of the brand new year I’ve finally decided to develop my very first beauty blog. This has been something I’ve pondered about for a long time and I’ve just decided to dive right in now that I’ve graduated college and started my career. I’m a makeup and skincare lover through and through and I enjoy helping my friends and family with choosing the best products that suit them and their skin types. People near and dear to me frequently ask for my advice or opinion on what could be the best for them and I’m always happy to help! I’m constantly purchasing and trying new products myself and I’m always sharing my opinion with my loved ones. I would like my thoughts and experiences to reach a lot of women (or men) that are looking for help as well. Why waste time and money on something if it’s not going to work for you? I know first hand how difficult it is for women with tan skin to find shades that work for them and I also know the struggle of having extremely oily and sensitive skin. I plan to post about all things makeup, skincare, DIY, and anything about my personal life as well. Let’s start this beautiful journey 🙂




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