Cure Dry Winter Skin

Hello lovelies! Just wanted to share with you a must have for dry winter skin. I live in the Midwest and a couple weeks ago it was -40 degrees with the wind! You read that right, negative forty. Our skin needs moisture and when we aren’t getting as much it becomes dry and flaky, and let’s be real no one has time for that! It’s so important to exfoliate your skin about once a week to slough off that dull skin and reveal a fresh beautiful body. I personally have been enjoying my Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub which retails for around $7 at Ulta (buy one get one half off) and comes in a variety of scents. Mine is the coconut lime scent which reminds me of sweet summer! This brand has the best scrubs I’ve ever tried and really get the job done!

Let me know if you have tried this body scrub and what your favorite scent is! Or if you have any other pampering must haves for winter skin! I love reading comments.





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